Our Mission

A compelling and overlooked need.

At any given time, there are more than 1 million foreign students attending colleges and universities in the United States. These “international students” face a complex immigration system that strictly limits their options to stay and work after graduation, meaning that some of the best and brightest end up having no choice but to leave the country to pursue their goals.

The factors that dictate a particular student’s options after graduation and the rules underlying them, are complex and remain constantly in flux, and the relevant practices and trends of employers, schools and service providers keep changing.

This leaves students on their own, in a permanent state of uncertainty about the opportunities that may be available to them, and with a large information gap when it comes to planning their future in the United States. The stakes could not be higher: a single mistake can lead to a permanent ban and a ticket on the next flight home.

That’s where AlienAid comes in.

We provide students with strategic advice to fill this information gap and reduce the uncertainty.

We actively gather data about a student’s particular circumstances – to identify all the factors that can impact available opportunities and planning for that particular student. We then analyze this data to provide analysis and strategic advice at the key moments in time, when they can make the biggest difference for the student.

Our unique model enables international students to take charge of their futures by driving informed, strategic decisions that fully take into account the complications that come with their immigration status.

We believe that one missed opportunity, one misstep, or one sleepless night is one too many.

Who We Are

At AlienAid, we know what it’s like to be an international student – because we’ve been there ourselves. Learn more about our story and meet our team.

How It Works

Interested in having AlienAid by your side? Here’s a step-by-step guide.

We’d love nothing more than to help any and all international students in the U.S. Unfortunately, our resources are limited and we are currently able to offer our services only to students who are eligible for one of our sponsored programs, made available to students at no cost through the generosity of our supporters, partners and sponsors. To get started, please fill out a brief survey that tells us whether we can help you and we’ll be in touch.

Interested in helping bring our services to more students? Learn more about our sponsorship programs here.

We think the most important thing is for us to get to know you, so we can tailor our advice to your interests, goals and concerns. Once we’ve confirmed that you’re eligible for one of our sponsored programs, you’ll receive a brief initial questionnaire that gives us the basics. This basic profile will allow us to identify the obstacles you’re most likely to face, and help you chart an initial course around them that will allow you to realize your dreams, whatever they are.

We’ll use electronic resources to stay in touch. You’ll hear from us on a regular basis to keep us up-to-date on developments in your personal and professional life that could impact your opportunities and future in the U.S. (Don’t worry if you don’t know what those developments are – we’ll ask all the questions we need answered. All you need to do is respond.) Based on the information we collect from you, we’ll proactively identify any potential difficulties and offer advice. Even when we don’t see any red flags, we’ll have periodic planning sessions during which we will help you think strategically about your goals and how to maximize the opportunities available to you to ensure you reach them. And of course, we’re here if you have any questions or concerns at any time.

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