Current Students

Mentorship – If you are interested in joining our mentorship program, the first step is for us to get to know you so we can find the best mentor match. Please fill out our mentorship questionnaire to get started. We’ll be in touch as soon as we have found a mentor for you!

Advising – We’d love nothing more than to help any and all international students in the U.S. Unfortunately, our resources are limited and we are currently able to offer our services only to students who are eligible for one of our sponsored programs. Our brief survey tells us whether we can help you! 

Not a cent! Thanks to the support from our donors, our services are completely free for qualifying international students.

We recognize that each mentor-mentee relationship will be unique and will develop at its own pace. We encourage mentors and mentees to have an in-person introductory meeting to get to know each other and to have regular in-person meetings at least every three months. We also encourage mentors to check in with their mentees at least once a month and to make themselves available for conversations and meetings as their schedules and other commitments may allow. 

We think the most important thing is for us to get to know you, so we can tailor our advice to your interests, goals and concerns. Once we’ve confirmed that you’re eligible for one of our sponsored programs, you’ll receive a brief initial questionnaire that gives us the basics. This basic profile will allow us to identify the challenges you’re most likely to face, and help you chart an initial course around them that will allow you to realize your dreams, whatever they are. We’ll then use electronic resources to stay in touch. Based on the information we collect from you, we’ll proactively identify any potential difficulties and offer solutions. Even when we don’t see any red flags, we’ll have periodic planning sessions during which we will help you think strategically about your goals and how to maximize the opportunities available to you to ensure you reach them. And of course, we’re here if you have any questions or concerns at any time. Read more about the types of services you can expect to receive here

We do conduct a limited number of introductory presentations for schools with which we have sponsorship arrangements and other qualifying institutions. Contact us  to discuss possibilities for your school’s international student population.  

Supporters & Partners

Thank you! We very much appreciate your support. You can make an online contribution using a credit card or PayPal here. Alternatively, please contact us if you would like to discuss a personalized arrangement for your contribution. 

A common request we receive is to provide our services and support to students from a sponsor’s home country and/or alma mater. We offer a variety of sponsorship options and levels that can be customized on an individualized basis. Just get in touch to discuss your wishes for your contribution.

We are proud to bring together a network of employers, non-profit organizations and other stakeholders who recognize the value of global talent and share an interest in hiring the best and the
brightest notwithstanding visa requirements or constraints. Contact us to learn more about how you can join.  

Absolutely! We partner with schools looking to supplement their services with support from our team. Contact us to discuss partnership options for your school.